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We are a medical & nurse recruitment agency that helps talented medical professionals and successful medical employers find each other for a win/win solution!

Over the ages, health awareness among the masses has increased immensely which led to the demand of highly skilled workforce with high level of professionalism and innovative approach. As a result of this need of quality medical employment agencies all over the world has increased massively. In this competitive market, most of the employers are increasingly approaching these medical staffing agencies to recruit suitably experienced medical professionals. Hiring a medical recruitment agency has numerous advantages for both the candidates and the employers.
Medical industry is a dynamic industry which works around the clock and cares for the needs of millions of people of all age groups. We at National Medical Search, a healthcare staffing agency, value the dynamism of this industry and enable the recruiters to absorb highly skilled candidates.
We are one of the leading search and medical recruitment agencies based in the U.S. who specialize in assisting talented medical professionals and quality medical employers find each other. Our goal is to build quality relationships with both the candidates and employers we work with. We are amongst those medical staffing companies who take account of every little detail of the candidate and match the qualification and experience that best meet our client's skills and requirements. This helps our esteemed employees in choosing the most suitable candidate in minimal time.
Our medical recruiters are properly trained and exceptionally skilled. We are also backed by experienced team of over 1000+ recruiting offices nationwide. Whether you're an employer seeking a long-term hiring solution, a short-term staffer, or you're a medical professional seeking advancement or a shorter commute, we can help!
Diversity is key to growth: Research shows that "Companies with strong inclusive cultures outperform their industry peers in revenue, growth, stock price, ROI, lower turnover, net income and every other financial measure."
  • National Medical Search Group understands the importance of diversity within a workplace and we network with various associations in order to provide vast and varied talent.
  • National Medical Search Group is a physician and nurse staffing agency that combines specialist health industry staffing knowledge and experience to provide exemplary services to our medical professionals.
  • National Medical Search Group is an Equal Opportunity Employer who believes in providing quality medical staffing solutions and services.
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