We realize that you may already have your own HR team in place, but it is always good to have a large pool of great candidates to select from. Why not give us a try without any risk….let us do all the research & work to help you find the most talented professionals you need. We help increase your ROI and enhance your internal HR Recruiting efforts. We offer contingency as well as retained search and we will collaborate with you for a win/win partnership.

  • Most talented professionals are not always out there looking so we deliberately seek, work with & cultivate relationships with our candidates.
    We have an extensive database of quality healthcare candidates.
  • We thoroughly interview, screen by validating clinical licenses & conduct professional reference checks to ensure that we are only bringing on the very BEST to you.
  • We have state of the art technology as well a team that is backed by over 1000+ Recruiting Offices nationwide so we are able to find Healthcare TALENTS more efficiently & effectively for you.
  • We will continue to work with you throughout the entire interviewing process of all candidates to ensure a successful hire & all parties very pleased with the outcome.
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Here’s our process upon signed agreement to conduct a search for you.

  • Our first priority is to learn and understand as much as we can about your company, your job opportunities, your ideal candidates and what you have to offer.
  • Once we understand your background and needs and our communications are in sync, we will clear our desk and go to work for you.
  • We will search and network with our 1000+ medical recruiting offices nationwide for candidate matches.
  • We will call existing candidates for possible interest and seek referrals.
  • Conduct our own research for names and contact lists using internet techniques and utilizing our state of the art technology for passive candidates and leads.
  • Utilize social networking sites, blogs, directories, associations, etc to generate leads.
  • Once we have this list of leads, we will make hundreds of cold calls per day to identify interested professionals and present your job opportunities to them.
  • As we source and recruit, we will represent your company in the best light possible, therefore, we will enhance and build your solid reputation amongst healthcare professionals throughout the country.

Job Orders

Let us help you find TALENTS for your next HIRE or EXPANSION.  Call us and save time, money and not to mention the headache!  We don't get paid until we find the perfect match for you.  Don't miss out on these candidates!  Employers, tell us about your hiring needs.  A few simple job detail is all that's needed to get started or just give us a call.